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Not sure if a CV overhaul is needed?


When was the last time you updated your Expert Witness CV/resume?

Is your CV/resume optimized for Expert work? Without a CV that stands out to hiring attorneys, you will be bypassed for potential expert cases that you are interested in.

Dr. Fogelman has matched over 450+ medical experts to attorneys across the US. She knows what works and what does not. 

We rewrite your CV/resume so that you:


  • Avoid common mistakes that would repel hiring attorneys.
  • Include all your important accomplishments so attorneys understand your worth and choose to retain you, over your competition, for their cases.
  • Avoid mistakes that would discredit you to opposing counsel, so that your expert credibility remains intact.

This purchase comes with a 15-minute video call to discuss the CV edits.

Amy’s help with my CV was invaluable. She provided me with concrete ideas for improvements and the end result was so much more professional and polished compared to my original. 

Jessica Anchor-Samuels, MD

Dr. Fogelman was easy and great to work with. She helped revise my clinical CV towards medical-legal consulting positions.

Bindu Avutu, MD, MPH