Our Happy Students


Dr. Fogelman’s course was excellent and taught me how to launch a successful medical expert business. Since completing her course 1.5 years ago, I have been retained in a few dozen cases. Due to the case volume, I’ve been able to cut down my clinical practice by one day per week due to the added income. I highly recommend Dr. Fogelman’s Expert Witness course.

Niran Al-Agba, MD

Dr. Fogelman taught me everything I needed to know to get started as a medical expert. She showed me my role as an Expert witness, how to approach cases to increase success, and the importance of and tips for keeping my credibility intact. Since I completed her Beginning Expert Witness Course, I have been able confidently and effectively opine on many legal cases.

Jason Marchi, MSN, FNP-BC

I just testified for the first time yesterday. Testimony went well- the hiring attorneys felt it was strong testimony. I have quickly realized how important it is to be confident in the medical facts of the case, particularly if getting to trial- so thank you for that. I have billed approximately 20K since completing the program 4 months ago.

B. (Cardiologist)

I think your course was perfect! I got a lot out of it but appreciated how focused and succint it was. Exactly what I needed to get my expert witness business going so thank you. 

Justin (Cardiologist)

The course was a great overview of legal basics and then logistics of how to get started and what is needed (insurance, contracts, etc.) I absolutely loved the recommendations for billing software- very easy to use and love the time tracker. I also appreciated the continued reminder that we are expert witnesses to give our unbiased opioninion and the mindset that we are really teaching about our area of expetrise. It makes it a lot less intimidating thinking of it that way.

P. (Emergency Medicine)

Thank you for your time and effort put into this course. Despite my prior experience in expert work, this was very helpful, particularly the business  and marketing aspects. 

Randi (Physician Assistant)

As an experienced physician, I have done plenty of quality of care chart reviews. Without knowing how the legal system works, it seemed daunting for me to venture into medical expert witness work. Dr. Fogelman’s expertise, which she summarized well in this course, has enabled me to begin professional building my expert witness practice.

Ee Lin Wan, MD

As a nurse practitioner, I found Dr. Fogelman’s course to be an invaluable tool in both my education in legal casework and in my entrepreneurship.  I recommend it wholeheartedly to not only my physician colleagues, but also nurse practitioners interested in meeting the challenges of this most exciting field.

Jason Marchi, MSN, FNP-BC

This is an outstanding resource for physicians who are just getting started in expert witness work, or for those who are simply interested in learning more. The modules are packed with high-yield content and are aligned with practical handouts and exercises. It is easy to pause the modules, change the speed, and go at your own pace.

Sadie Elisseou, MD

Dr. Fogelman is full of knowledge about what it takes to be a successful medical expert witness. I am a member of her Facebook Group with 2.1K physician medical experts where she shares her know-how. She has helped me personally with advice about the best ways to bring my expert witness business to the next level. I would highly recommend Amy as an Expert Witness Coach and Educator.

Allison Nazinitsky, MD

I highly recommend Dr. Fogelman as an Expert Witness Coach and Educator. She is knowledgeable about how to be a successful medical expert and shares her expertise through her Physician Medical Expert Facebook Group. She fosters a collegial atmosphere and has helped me with advice about how to succeed in this field.

Carolyn Chudy, MD

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Fogelman as an Expert Witness Coach. She knows what it takes to be a successful medical expert. Lot’s of great advice/guidance regarding marketing myself, expert witness courses and niche identification. Easy to chat with, helpful and a wealth of knowledge!

Jordan Kapper. MD

Dr. Fogelman knows how to be a successful medical expert witness. She gave me valuable advice about courses, report writing, and more. I would highly recommend her as an Educator for Medical Experts.

David Wells, MD

5/5 stars. Dr. Amy Fogelman is professional, available, and thorough. I would highly recommend and rate her and definitely consult with her again. Invaluable expertise in editing/polishing my report.  

Paul L., MD

Dr. Fogelman was easy and great to work with. She helped revise my clinical CV towards medical-legal consulting positions. She gave me great pointers on networking to get my name out there.

Bindu Avutu, MD, MPH

5/5 stars. Dr. Fogelman is very intelligent, attentive, and clearly reviews each case thoroughly to find the best match for the physician and attorney.

Albert B., MD

I just purchased your [Expert Witness Beginners’ Sampler] template bundle and found them very helpful. Thank you!

Courtney B., MD

5/5 stars. I appreciated the emails with tips and Dr. Fogelman’s help navigating the relationship with the attorney. 

Eliza M., MD

I very much enjoyed the time I had with Dr Fogelman and I will benefit from her help. I think many could benefit from a CV workshop. 



Natalie Bruno, MD

Amy’s help with my CV was invaluable. She provided me with concrete ideas for improvements and the end result was so much more professional and polished compared to my original. 


Jessica Anchor-Samuels, MD

I really enjoyed the Resume Master Class for Medical Experts. There were many useful tips for the resume; the video or interview idea I thought was great!  Also the executive summary, which I will work on. Thank you so much for this class.

Marlene Hidalgo Xirinachs, MD